We are the team behind Pachamama Group and we are crowdfunding for our latest venture, Yiu fat noodle, which is due to open in the Spring of 2019 in the heart of London's China Town.

We are now preparing to open a new and exciting venue in central London. It will be a gorgeous Chinese restaurant with a menu that focuses upon the utterly delicious tastes and flavours of provincial Chinese cuisine. Having recently required an amazing location in China Town, we have begun the initial design stages and will be looking to open in late Spring 2019.

Yiu fat noodle is going to be crowd funded, which opens up a world of opportunity for potential investors out there. We are already moving forward on this project with great expectations and look forward to accepting your potential investments. For detailed information on this particular investment opportunity and for submitting all enquiries please visit

Kind Regards,
Iska Narzi, Managing Director of Pachamama Group

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