Jane Alty #thebeggingbowl #popup

Jane Alty #thebeggingbowl #popup


Jane Alty hails from Aotearoa and has always been spellbound by food. We need to iron this out with a sense of immediacy, for Jane is most certainly not a chef of the tarrying disposition; her first professional kitchen experience having been taken up at sixteen years old. Among many others, she worked at highly revered Auckland restaurant Antoine’s before leaving New Zealand and heading to Europe to broaden her culinary horizons. Upon finding her feet, Jane went onto work with Australian Thai food wizard David Thompson at his Michelin starred restaurant Nahm in Belgravia. After a four-year stretch with David, she headed directly to Thailand to immerse herself in its culinary authenticity. Living there with her extended Thai family on the outskirts of Bangkok, she gained an invaluable insight into the intricacies of real Thai food. Soon enough however, London came calling again and Jane took up the opportunity of opening her own restaurant The Begging Bowl in South London.

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Her dishes combine the flavours and feel of true Thai cooking with that effortless sense of signature kiwi culinary style and we are absolutely thrilled to have her taking the helm at Chef’s Table #thebeggingbowl #popup

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