American Takeover by Tom Cenci

American Takeover by Tom Cenci


On the 26th and 27th of February, our very talented friend, Mr. Tom Cenci, will be taking the helm at Chef’s Table at Chicama. Tickets for this one will fly out the door faster than Donald Trump’s wig in a hurricane. We therefore kindly advise booking early to avoid any sense of disappointment. For all queries, whether ticket-based or otherwise, please contact directly at

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Tom’s background is rather a thoroughbred affair and after getting to grips with classic cuisine at Michelin starred restaurants, 1 Lombard Street in London and Restaurant Laurent in Paris, he returned to his native soil to cook at Noble Rot in Mayfair, which specialises in more contemporary and forward thinking techniques. After this, stints spent cooking in Istanbul and Canada helped him to push boundaries even further and it was therefore no surprise that he would eventually return home to work in the infamous Duck and Waffle. Tom now consults on myriad projects across London and thus we are incredibly lucky to have him with us for this exciting event.

Tom Cenci American Junk Food menu
tom cenci

“At quite a young age I decided I wanted to learn to cook so I wrote to a local hotel asking if I could have a job at the kitchen, I haven’t looked back since. I was just intrigued by it. There was just a hunger in me that made me want to learn. Something about the camaraderie of the brigade in a kitchen, it is like a brotherhood, I loved it”. 

Accolades aside, it is his cooking that really does the talking and for Chef’s Table he will be presenting his own spin on classic American comfort food. With Tom running the show, you can expect the unexpected to arrive in a refined explosion of flavour and taste, for this is cooking done with self-assurance and panache that draws pleasure in exceeding expectations. Private jets full of love to you, from the Chicama family XxxX