"Master" by John Javier at Chicama

"Master" by John Javier at Chicama


John Javier will be taking over Chicama’s Chef’s table for two nights only on the 5th & 6th of February to celebrate the Chinese New Year, providing guests with a veritable merry-go-round of awe-inspiring tastes and flavours as he unleashes a host of his delicious signature dishes from his Sydney based restaurant, Master.

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Among a myriad other praises, John Javier has been heralded as the new voice of Chinese cuisine, and with plated excellence such as burnt cabbage with fish sauce butter, crispy skinned pigeon with smoked five spice and raw lamb with oyster cream, enoki and ash, it comes as no surprise whatsoever. His cooking is all about precision without pomp and redefining the way ingredients are put together to create explosive dishes that turn heads. Here we discover a chef that does something truly special in a unique and unpretentious fashion, showing all the traits that we have come to understand as the mark of a true culinary legend. Expect brilliance.


Tickets for this event will move faster than Superman in speedos and thus we kindly suggest booking well in advance to avoid any sense of disappointment. For all enquiries, whether ticket-based or otherwise, please contact us directly at hello@chicamalondon.com

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