Nordic #popup dinner by Alexander Nietosvuori

Nordic #popup dinner by Alexander Nietosvuori


We are very excited to announce a very special take over of our pop up kitchen for one night only. On Tuesday 21st of November, Alexander Nietosvuori will bring an exciting evening of Nordic plates to Chelsea. Alex has previously worked at Maaemo in Norway (three Michelin stars) & Daniel Berlin Krog in Sweden (one-Michelin-starred).

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The Menu

Oyster, dill oil and gelée
Cheese papers
Jerusalem artichoke skins, raw lamb heart, elderberries
Sunflower tartlet, chicken liver, thyme and crispy skin
Fried sourdough, smoked crème fraîche, trout roe, lardo
Scallop, dried rice and seaweed, scallop dashi
Flatbread, butter, mushroom
Salt baked celeriac, celeriac skin, brown butter foam
Onion and cheese in its own shell
Potato lompe, lamb tounge, lingon berries, burnt garlic
Horseradish ice, reindeer moss and sea buckthorn
Brown butter ice cream, cloud berries and meringue
Chocolate balls
Meadowsweet jelly
Gingerbread hearts and chocolate and Flødeboller seaweed