Pachamama Group
The Brunch Club

Do you want to learn from the best how to create amazing ceviches?

Our ceviche masterclasses offers a unique insight into the mechanics of Peruvian inspired cooking with one of our senior chefs, where you’ll learn how to make two different types of ceviche at our very own chef’s table.


Pachamama Group was set up in October 2014 with a mission to introduce exciting, diverse and playful dining concepts to the London restaurant scene. With the food at the core of the idea, Pachamama Group searches for and recruits up chefs and creative minds, giving them all of the space and resources they need to be innovative in the kitchen and beyond. Each restaurant concept is built to be a space where guests can enjoy the food of a different place, in an environment that takes them away from London.



Fetch me a llama! I need to make a sacrifice. That’s the way to show gratitude to Pachamama. In Peru, Pachamama is the goddess Mother Earth; in London, she is a Marylebone restaurant. But the name is apt: this is a place to revere. Four pillars underpin the Quechuan cosmos (water, earth, sun and moon), and four pillars support a great restaurant: food, service, decor and ambience. This hotspot has it all – and a price tag that mere mortals can afford. 

- Time Out London